Lincoln's Day
at the
Buffalo Historical Society
The Buffalo Historical Society's annual Lincoln's Day ceremony is the longest running ceremonial event celebrating our 16th President in the United States.  It is our honor to have been a part of it since our units creation several years ago.  Below are a few photographs of the 2014 gathering.

From left to right:
Cheryl Ball, Parker Ball, Raymond B. Ball, Raymond L. Ball

Cheryl and Parker can always be counted upon to be at events and
representing our unit in the highest manner

Several patrons and visitors visited the Engineers table to
learn a bit more about the Civil War gear we brought.

The First Sergeant stands ready and willing to teach
at the head of our display table

Among the other participants was our old friend Alex Johnson.
Here Alex is in the impression of corporal of Pioneers
but he also heads the 1st NY Volunteer Engineers.

1SG Ball is a talented musician and as such is often
called upon to present Taps for ceremonies.

To the left is our good friend Tom Schobert, master of ceremonies for the event. 
There is no more dedicated historian around.  Tom also has impressions of Mayor
Fargo, Robert E. Lee and an outstanding Civil War surgeon.  Center distant
is Henry Pogodzinski, center close is Capt. Ball of the US Engineers, upper
right is Barbara Lawrence and far right is David Bertuca of the 155th NYVI.
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