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We are the members of Company A, US Battalion of Engineers (Regulars).  Our reenacting unit formed as the culmination of efforts of my son Ray and myself.  We are both relatively new to reenacting but have had an interest in it for some time.  As a former Combat Engineer in the US Army (1982-1986) I have a vested interest in the role of military engineering.  My son inherited the gene it seems. 

Initially we joined some of the local infantry regiments as there were no Engineer units in this area.  Indeed, as we have found there are relatively few anywhere.  While taking part in the 2010 Genesee Country Village reenactment we ran into a few gentlemen from the Rochester, NY area who were also interested in an engineer impression.  We then formed the reborn 1st NY Vol. Engr. Reg.  Unfortunately for us the distance between the cities and differing goals for the unit caused us to have to separate and form our own unit.  Choosing it was easy.  Company A is the direct ancestor from my first Army unit, the 5th Engineers!

The information below might help clarify our unit's goal.  We don't want to just accumulate the tools for a depot.  We hope to actually perform some of the duties of the Engineer Corps.  We also hope to involve and educate the public in Civil War history through living history/ reenactments as well as formal presentations.

Here is a link to a gallery of some of our tools so you can get an idea of what we do.

Mission: The mission of our unit is to remember, reenact and teach the vital role played by the United States Army Engineer Battalion and the volunteer military engineers during the United States Civil War 1861-1865.  We do this through living history, presentations, classes and reenactments.

Please click on the guidon image below on the left to download a PDF of our bylaws as of 12-30-11. Click on the National and Battalion colors to download a PDF of our unit application.




Click the Guidon to view our bylaws.  These are written in PDF for you to print and keep if you want to maintain a copy.

 Click our Colors to view our application.  It is in PDF format so you can print it and send it to us.  Please send it either through regular mail to :

Co. A US Engineers
c/o Captain Raymond Ball
21 Muriel Drive
West Seneca, NY 14224

or you can print it, fill the form out, sign it and return it to me attached to an email at


* Who we are: We are a small group of reenactors portraying Co. A of the US Engineer Battalion- also known as the "Old Company".  We are actively recruiting but as a support unit we plan to remain relatively small in number.  We accept all interested volunteers providing they are ready and willing to work together to form the unit and accomplish its mission in a family friendly atmosphere.

    * Where we are: Presently we are headquartered in West Seneca, NY- a suburb of Buffalo.  The events in which we participate are generally in the Western New York, NW Pennsylvania and southern Ontario region, however we do plan to travel farther as the unit expands.

    * When we meet: During the summer months we plan to attend one or two events each month.  During the "off season" we will meet once per month for training and/or organizational purposes.

    * What it costs: There is a $10 fee to join or partake in the unit activities plus actual event registration fees.  The $10 goes entirely to insurance for reenactors which the unit will provide.  Volunteers will eventually need to purchase their own personal equipment but the unit will assist as much as possible through our own resources.  Starter uniforms typically cost about $150 for the clothing.  Leather trappings are more but as Engineers we need fewer than infantry or cavalry.  If you are interested in joining PLEASE contact the unit before you purchase anything.  We can probably save you some money.

    * Our Mission: Our unit participates in living history events, presentations and reenactments to teach all interested parties the roles, duties, successes, hardships, talents and life of the engineers in the Civil War period.  Along with a providing a "tool depot" of 19th century tools and equipment, we build, demolish, fix, design, map etc. in the style of the Battalion.  At living histories and reenactments we actively teach the public as well as demonstrate the tools and equipment used by the Civil War engineers.  We train our own soldiers as well.  While its great if a volunteer or recruit has some mechanical knowledge, it is not a prerequisite.  We will train recruits in the soldier's requirements as well as the engineer's.  Each volunteer is asked to work towards a specialty in one of the many fields of military engineering.  Once competence in that field is achieved the recruit attains the rank of "artificer".  During the reenactments of battles we will often participate as pioneer troops and fight along side the infantry if called on to do so.

Company A Roster

Raymond Ball

West Seneca, NY


General Military Engineering

Fortifications, Entrenching

Bridging& Ponton Drill

Chris Wills

Washington D.C.


Topographic Engr. 1st Lt.

Surveying and Topography

Raymond Lloyd Ball

West Seneca, NY


 Military Mining & the Sap

Unit Historian

Luke Eames Holland, NY Artificer Fixed Bridges
Travis Roth Millersville, MD Artificer


Tom Place

Springville, NY Private


Barry Pawlowski

Cheektowaga, NY




Parker Ball

West Seneca, NY


Noah Luthart

West Seneca, NY


Robert Yott

Bath, NY


Sam Levitt

Delmar, NY


Steven Teeft

Buffalo, NY



Photo Pending

Dennis Luthart

West Seneca, NY

Civilian Photographer


Cheryl Ball

West Seneca, NY

Lady of the 1860s

Megan Eames

Holland, NY

Lady of the 1860s

Gabrielle Pawlowski

Cheektowaga, NY

Lady of the 1860s

Photo pending

Kathleen Pawlowski

Cheektowaga, NY

Lady of the 1860s

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