Antietam- The Aftermath

Through the courtesy of the 49th NYVI we were invited to participate in "The Aftermath" a living history event based on the results of the famous battle in 1862.  We were fortunate to be set up adjacent to the famous Dunker Chuch and virtually in the West Woods.  This was our first time participating on an actual battlefield and we could not have been more honored to do so- no humbled before those who served here 150 years ago.  These photos are just a start as we are waiting for more from the NPS.

Along with the pleasure of participating on the battlefield we also had the good fortune to finally work side by side with Lt. Chris Wills.  He is a member of Co. A for some time now but due to his military commitments had not yet participated with the company.  Chris is a Lt. Colonel with the Military Police in the Washington District and is more than a bit busy.  None the less  he has been an ardent supporter of the company and it was a fantastic experience to learn about even more facets of the Engineers' duties.



Lt. Chris Wills shared his expertise as well as his gear.  Here he's working with an 1855 Gregg transit as 1Sgt Ball looks on. 


Lt. Wills assembles his surveyor's compass near the plane table and alidade.

Pvt. Place focuses on some of the visitors as he guards the camp.  This is a rare photo indeed as Tom is flaunting blue!


Lt. Wills is taking an transit reading to the NY Memorial from our campsite as Pvt. Tom Place observes.  The Dunker Church and our camp are in the background.


Here Tom poses with the transit pole and transit as he takes a break from guard duty.


No, 1Sgt. Ball is not in the cross hairs of a gun site.  This photo was taken through the lens of an 1855 transit as the 1Sgt. held the target pole.  The NY memorial is in the background.


This is Lt. Wills' 19th century aneroid barometer.




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