Arcade and Attica Railroad

The Arcade and Attica Railroad ride event is quite simply a great deal of fun and a good time for all.  Rob Yott really deserves commendation for his efforts in coordinating this family friendly event.  I'd highly recommend it to anyone living in the Western NY area.  Its great fun for children of all ages 8-80 with lots of interaction between the train's passengers and the soldiers & civilian reenactors.

Return Home

The Federal Camp in Arcade with some of the visiting civilians nearby.

The ladies of Arcade added a lovely cast to the August day.

General Yott is escorted by his body guard through the train.  He took time to greet the many loyal Union passengers aboard, but encountered some rebel sympathizers as well.

General Yott oversaw the unloading of the cache his troops were delivering.  It was rumored to be gold or green backs to pay the troops.

Disembarking passengers were treated to a tour of the rail station as well as a small market area while they stretched their legs and the train added fuel and water.

Here General Yott is joined by 1SG Ball and Pvt. Tripp of the US Engineers who were part of the guard.

Not all of the visitors to the market were of the highest class of Attica's citizenry.

The train is refueled and ready to head back to Arcade.

1SG Ball makes the trek to the market at the rest stop as well.

A sudden attack by a rebel raiding party surprised and overwhelmed the Federal guard.

Casualties were filling the surgeon's facilities quickly.

Colonel Parker attempted to rally the troops and protect the gold.

Yet another one of the many lovely ladies of the Attica and Arcade area which we were pleased to meet on the train.

The interaction with the MANY civilians riding the train, period and modern, is a highlight of the event.  Watching the children react and laugh as their parents are searched and interrogated is a real treat.