Camp Geiger, Whitehall, PA

May 2013

This was our first event with the members of the Union Volunteers and we couldn't have been more pleased.  Not only was it an excellent event but we met with some truly outstanding reenactors.  This never ending skirmish type battle was ideal for Engineers and we were happy to be a part of it.  


Keeping your head down and finding cover was a matter of survival in this fight.


Over the top boys!



Battle hardened troops prepared for the onslaught that would soon arrive.


SGM Sullivan was a steadying influence to the troops as they defended numerous assaults on the Federal lines


Capt. Ruiz keeps his head down as the firing got hot.


Union soldiers prepare for the advance on Confederate lines.


Reb soldiers were tough and seasoned veterans ready for a fight.


Fraises made the reb lines even more difficult to breech.


Losses mounted as the battle wore on.  1SG Ball was hit scouting for a sortie into the reb works.

Life in the trenches is a filthy affair.

The reb trenches were stiffly defended throughout the engagement.

Lt. Ball scouts the reb works prior to an advance.


The 39th NY,  aka. The Garibaldi Guard made their presence felt.


Sgt Canjemi poses with several members of the 143rd PA.



A reflective moment during a pause in the battle.


1SG Ball and members of the 5th NJ forage for supplies to build abatis in front of the Union trenches.



Visitors and loved ones arrived during lulls in the battle giving support and succor tp our brave soldiers.  Illana Bravo visits Capt. Frank June Ruiz and other members of the 14th Brooklyn.

The UV units move forward and over the rise into the teeth of the rebel army.


The cost ofthe conflict could be seen as soldiers fell.


The UV advances like a parade moving forward.



Some of the fighting was more textbook.  Here members of the UV form up in line of battle.


Members of the 143rd PA.


Lt. Ball fires his new revolver.


Moving in on the Confederate works proved dangerous.



Skirmishers advance through the woods under fire of reb sharpshooters.

5th NJ soldiers begin the advance on the Reb trenches

A few brawls broke out between the soldiers in the trenches.  There was no love lost between the 14th Brooklyn and the 5th NJ!

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