(mini) Muster in the Meadow 2012

Many of us were more than disappointed last November when the news that the annual Muster in the Meadow Event at Forest Lawn would not be held in 2012.  We were more than pleased when we received the news that the event would be held again this year in a scaled down form.  Set up to run in conjunction with the cemetery's Sunday Trolley Tours it was a fantastic event.  Accommodations at Forest Lawn are always top notch, the staff is both friendly and helpful and the visitors are interested and eager to learn.  We truly wish to thank Forest Lawn for the opportunity to teach so  many people, make so many friends and have so much fun.

We took very few pictures but many of the visitors graced us with their photos of the day's activities.  Thank you so much.

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Here is the image published in the Buffalo News Picture Page July 9th.

We were demonstrating the distances involved in forming ranks when the photographer caught us.

Photo by R. Kirkham- Buffalo News Staff Photographer

As with any unit, we are exceptionally proud of our battalion colors.


From left to right- Pvt. (soon to be Artificer) Andy Tripp. Pvt. Mal Young, Lt. Ray Ball, recruit Parker Ball.


Pvt. Tripp plays away on the banjo for the entertainment of the detachment.


  Lt. Ball listens intently to the questions posed by our visitors after a rifle presentation.

1st Sgt. Ball instructs about the .58 cal. Enfield rifled musket pattern 1853.  There is nothing visitors like more than a rifle demonstration.


Pvt. Young receives orders from Lt. Ball.


Pvt. Tripp displays his socks from the 1st Munchkin Volunteers.


Pvt. Tripp explains topography to a family that dropped in for the day.


The 1st Sergeant is giving hands on instruction in rifle use.


Lt. Ball shares a few laughs under the fly.


1st.Sgt. Ball prepares to present to onlookers.


Sgt. Rodney Parker USMC and Lt. Ball share a word regarding the Sons of the Union Veterans- Chaplain Cook Camp.


Pvt. Tripp and 1st Sgt. Ball demonstrate the bayonet advance in ranks.

Camp and HQ of Co. A.





Major Wiley's assistant (Mark Pogodzinski) provided medical "attention" to the troops and plenty of information for visitors.

John Baronich from Reynold's Battery- 1st NYLA Batt. L. provided outstanding demonstrations of period blacksmithing.  Theirs is one of the finest units and impressions in the hobby.

The fully functional period traveling forge always draws a crowd.


Jim Pace and Brian Siebel of the Union Volunteers Fife and Drum Corps brought the martial music to the Muster.  They are at more events than perhaps any other unit of any sort and are experts in period music.


Cpt. Dick Rosche holds Col. Thomas Place prisoner.  These two gentlemen are among the founders of the reenacting hobby in the Western New York area.  We are proud to be learning from such dedicated veterans.

Lt. Ball grabbed a rifle to assist Pvt. Tripp in demonstrating the tight nature of the ranks as they would be in battle.

John is putting in some serious time working over that forge on a hot day.  There are those of us who believe he's made of asbestos.