Genesee Community College Living History/ Reenactment

4-26/28, 2012

Our first event in the 2012 was also the first event ever sponsored by Genesee Community College.  Arranged in conjunction with their year long series celebrating the 150th Anniversary year of 1862, this was their first ever reenactment.  You'd never know it was their first.  Organized by Professor Derek Maxfield and coordinated by Tom Bowers and Simon Taylor, the event ran as smoothly as many much older events.  Below are some of our photos of the event.

Our new wall tent and colors.


Corporal Ball, Pvt. Tripp and members of Reynolds Battery, 1st NYLA Battery L prepare an expedient artillery emplacement.

Miners and Sappers go to work on the emplacement.


Co. A Engineers and 28th NYVI work hastily to prepare rifle pits for the pickets.
 Engineer observers of the skirmish advised Captain Taylor as fighting progressed.

Members of Captain Taylor's 20th NYVI man the rifle pits prior to the skirmish with the approaching rebs.



Discussing the event with patrons and sharing our passion for the hobby after the skirmish.




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