Gettysburg 150th Anniversary

BGA Event

On June 27- 30 the US Engineers took our place along side the other units of the Union Volunteers at the BGA reenactment of the battle of Gettysburg.  The various members of the Union Volunteers were not only a fantastic unit in terms of welcoming and comradeship, they are an amazingly well oiled machine and excellent group of reenactors.  We are very proud to be members of this fine organization.

This was easily the largest and most comprehensive event that our unit has ever been a part of.  What a privilege to partake in such a grandiose reenactment.  The organizers really made it as good as something of this magnitude could have been and we had a fantastic time. 


The Union Volunteers BGA Gettysburg June 27-30, 2013

We always stop at the Pennsylvania Welcome Center.  This time we were surprised to find the Corps of Engineers flag flying at a display.

Camping in the woods with a few thousand of our closest friends.  Between the heat and the rain it soon became...interesting.

A few of the younger members of the Union Volunteer Guard rest between events.

14th Brooklyn mixes in with the other gents between scenarios.

Time to move out.  This was on our way to the first days battles northwest of the town.

This is the Culp's Hill scenario.  This event gave me chills as the rebs advanced through the fog of war and into the growing darkness.

Here we are constructing some hasty breastworks just prior to the rebs assaulting our position.

Darkness advanced throughout battle.

Orders we screamed but could barely be heard over the din of battle.

The rebs just kept on coming, no matter how hard we hit 'em they wouldn't stop, until there just weren't enough to continue to push against us.

Scenes like this appeared over and over during the brawl.  As the sun set the flashes of the rifles could be plainly seen.


Artillery was active at the Cups Hill Scenario as well.


Captain Davis receives directions from Colonel Ruiz as Lt. Col. Ruiz and Lt. Meinko look on.

Moving into position just before the assault of Pickett, Pettigrew and Trimble on Cemetery Ridge.


Fighting in the Wheatfiled was chaotic to say the least.  At on point we had rebs in front and behind us at the same time!

The red legs of the 14th Brooklyn are easy to see as we move into the Wheatfield.

 The colors of the Garibaldi Guard are prominent on the wall at Cemetery Ridge.

Moving into position on Cemetery Ridge.

Lt. Ball, Co. A US Engineers served as XO of the UVG during the action at Gettysburg. Here he stands behind the men as they fire at the wall on Cemetery Ridge.


Captain Bergeron joins Lt. Col. Ruiz and Sgt. Cangemi at the wall.

Lt. Col. Ruiz stands with the staff of the Union Volunteers as the boys pour fire into the oncoming rebs.


The day was hot, and clear.  We could see the rebs as they left the woods.  They were in a perfect line, like a parade.  We could all see what was going to happen, they must have been able to see it too, but they came anyway.

Through the fog of the battle, the rebs could be seen as they approached our lines

The life of an officer.  Riding worries about their legs getting tired.

Some of the officers discuss the movements with the Colonel.


On the left is our guest from Germany, who, along with another friend from Deutchland, joined us for the 150th. On the right is Private Tripp, formerly of Company A, now assigned to the UVG.

Pvt. Parker Ball poses for a photograph near Gettysburg.



Reb artillery caused serious trouble before their assault commenced.

Touring the actual battlefield after the event, we had this picture taken.  Lt. Ball joined the signalman at the top of Little Round Top.


Colonel Ruiz takes a break after the danger has passed.  Tired, but proud of the men in the Union Volunteers he can rest for a bit now.


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