Gettysburg 150th GAC

July 2014

The weekend following the BGA Gettysburg 150th Anniversary re-enactment, we were fortunate enough to participate in the GAC event.  This time our role was in the capacity of Living Historians rather than participating in the battles.  The crowds were enormous and the people were incredibly knowledgeable, polite and involved.  We were so pleased to partake in the event and truly enjoyed our time



Private Parker poses with his mother outside of the Engineer Headquarters.

I was told that I did not take a break for over 4 hours on Saturday as we had a large and steady stream of visitors.They were particularly interested in the sun frame.

More sun frame interest.


We actually ran out of handouts for the Engineers.  Also gone were our recruiting posters and business cards.  Whew!


Cheryl saved our lives by helping out and keeping us cool in the 90+ degree heat.  Its good to have mom around!  She even helped pack the camp up in the rain that poured on us as the event ended..


Here Pvt. Parker acts quite the gentleman as he escorts his mother through Devils Den as the sun fades.  Little Round Top can be seen in the distance.

Pvt. Pawlowski had his sister Gabrielle visit the camp and learn the sun frame process.

The Union camp was the single largest we'd ever seen.  This is just a tiny fragment of the whole thing.

Pvt. Barry couldn't wait to get into his US Engineers Regular Dress Uniform.


A few of the boys got cleaned up and headed off to the ball on Saturday night.


Rebs on the march to the field.


...and still they come.



Day 3's battle saw lines of Confederates approach as if on parade.


Union gunners pour in fire on the approaching Rebs.


Federal soldiers crowded the wall 4 deep at times.  Fredericksburg...but in reverse.


Knowing what awaits them, veterans of Pickett's Division, Pettigrew's Division and a division under Trimble still headed out.



Gen. Hood's headquarters in the Living History area.


Citizens of Gettysburg survey the events.


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