Second Annual GCC Encampment

April 2013

Organized through the vision of History Professor Derek Maxfield, this growing event is a pleasure to attend.  Along with the opportunity to prepare rifle pits and gun emplacements, which the Engineers love, of course- there is always a great turn out of interested public and plenty of additional impressions to learn from.  

This year we were fortunate enough to provide the color guard for a parade through the town of Medina, NY.  The culmination of the march was the presentation of the actual sword carried by the original commander of the 28th New York Volunteer Infantry, Company B to Simon Taylor, Union Commander of the 28th Reenactors.

For images from our work day prior to the event click here. 

Saturday's activities commenced with a parade down Main St. and a sword presentation.


Lovely ladies lined the streets to support their husbands, sons and brothers as they prepared to leave for war.



The 28th NYVI under the command of Captain Taylor.


The Union forces march through and return the salute of the Confederate troops on way to the sword presentation.


With appropriate pomp and circumstance, the mayor of Medina, and the Great-Great Grand daughter of the original commander presented Captain Taylor with the original sword from 1862.



One of the big hits of the weekend was the unveiling of our newest piece of equipment, a sun frame.  Its used to duplicate field maps for local commanders.  The photo at right shows one of the copies of our Gettysburg map which we gave to some of the local children.

Here, Private Parker hangs another map to dry.  We can produce a map every 3 minutes or so but drying can take another 5.

A future surveyor gets a little help from dad.

Crowds of interested spectators were common on Saturday afternoon.  What a pleasure it was to see such interest.

Lt. Ball demonstrated the use of the wye level for onlookers.




Tools of the 19th Century were examined closely by the visitors.


The Lt. spots for the artillery through our telescope.




Skirmishers of the 28th react to the Confederate assault.


Captured guns were turned upon Union troops as they fell back toward the camp.




Confederate Surgeons tend to the grisly task of medicine as they treat the wounded.


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