In Garrison at a Civil War Fort

In conjunction with plans developed by the 49th NYVI we were able to participate in the garrisoning of Old Fort Niagara for a Civil War period occupation.  Our thanks to the 49th for the invitation to participate in this very enjoyable event.

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Corporal Ray Ball catches a cool breather in the "French Castle".


Pvt. Andy Tripp is gearing up for our uniform presentation.


First Sergeant, Ray Ball Sr. is preparing for the morning formation.


Our newest recruit Pvt. Parker strikes a proper "At Ease".

Our Chevalle was getting a bit tired so the detachment did some repairs while we were in garrison.

Of course the lowest ranking guys get the majority of the work.  Parker learned how to use the draw knife and the wood chisels very quickly.


Pvt. Pawlowski takes time to pose with a young historian.


The Engineers return from a brief survey of the outer works of the Fort.


"Lt. Dan" Wilkosz joins members of the 49th at the guard tent.

The 49th's First Sergeant, Dan Wall, was kept more than busy attending to the guard for the weekend.


Captain Mike Lavis peers out the window of the "Penthouse Suite" in the French Castle.






Killing some down time with a friendly baseball game.


Guy Gane III of the 49th NYVI patiently waits for Sunday dinner

Lew Laning ran the kitchen and his crew fed the entire garrison over the weekend.

 Some of the younger recruits catch a few cool minutes in the shade of the bake house.