Old Fort Niagara's Annual

Military Timeline Event

Each year Old Fort Niagara, in Youngstown, NY, holds a special event featuring reenactors of the various eras of military life in North America.  Reenactors from the French and Indian war, American Revolution, War of 1812, Mexican/ American War, American Civil War, Spanish American War, World War One, World War Two, Korea, Vietnam, and Persian Gulf Wars were all present to demonstrate their impressions.  This year Company A represented a large part of the Civil War era soldiering.

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The camp is set up and new recruits and visitors began stopping by.

This is a view of the Civil War portion of the event's campsites.  In the distance a WW2 Sibley style tent is visible.

This photo is taken from the North Redoubt of the Old Fort.  Our camp can be seen in the foreground, in the distance are the 1812 and Spanish American impressions.  In the far distance, to the right of the photo are the French and Indian War and Revolutionary reenactors.


A view of the "French Castle" through the "fog of war" as the French and Indian reenactors demonstrate skirmishing.  The gabion is the one we made in the spring and which we donated to the Old Fort.


Included in the event are several short lectures demonstrating the weapons, uniform, tools, etc of each era.  Here Corporal Ray, Private Andy and I are in line to present after the 1812 reenactors.


Private Tripp is never far from a few laughs- even if its at his own expense.  In this case its goodwe have a sewing kit for his pants!






At attention for the lowering of the colors.


Lt. Ray at attention with several of the 20th Century reenactors in the background waiting to form ranks for the evening ceremonies.