Old Ft. Niagara Garrison Weekend


This is the second of our garrison weekends in conjunction with our friends in the 49th NYVI.  As with everything they do it is a fine event and we are pleased to participate along with them. This year we built a gibbet for their use in practicing the bayonet drill.

Teaching the use of the sun frame copier to a few of the spectators.


Here we are assisting this couple with some geneology questions they had.



The sun frame was of great interest to many.

More spectators gathered to investigate the Engineers.

  We presented a brief demonstration of the bayonet with the assistance of Private Parker.

The sun frame and stop bath are ready for use.

Private Parker is a quick study and learned to present the sun frame to our guests

The 49th NYVI gathers for bayonet drill.

Private Parker learns the guard.

Private Parker executes a thrust with the bayonet with near perfect form.

First Sergeant Ball demonstrated the thrust.

Private Parker picked up the bayonet drill in excellent fashion.

Using excellent technique, Private Parker thrusts to target the soft tissue of his opponent.


Drill for the recruits begins.



More drill instruction for the recruits.

But wait...there's more.

Private Ball and the 1SG pose near the bayonet gibbet we built for the 49th NYVI.

Private Ball, recently demoted from Corporal, provides some veteran advice to our recruits.

Two of our newest recruits. Private Parker, left, gives some insight to the fresh fish-  Private Noah Luthart, right.

The 1SG doesn't look like such an SOB when he's relaxing.

This 3 master fired shots at us all day until the 49th soldiers had had enough.  They returned fire until the shelling stopped.  Private Parker Ball is in the foreground.

Kathleen Pawlowski decorated the event with her presence.  Here Colonel Lavis admired her at the water's edge.

Three member of the 49th NYVI were charged and convicted of inappropriate dress for appearing shirtless in public.  Their punishment was public disgrace.

Private Ball enjoying the company of the Pawlowski ladies.  From the laft, Gabby Pawlowski, R. Lloyd Ball and Kathleen Pawlowski.

2013 Members of the Engineers that were able to attend the garrison.

1SG Raymond Ball, Color Bearer- Private Parker Ball, Private . Lloyd Ball.

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