A Sun Frame Gift

July 2013

While at the 10th Gettysburg GAC event we were fortunate to meet a couple from New Jersey who were very interested in our sun frame copy process.  We talked at some length and answered many excellent questions and exchanged a few laughs as well.  When it came time to part we gave a copy of our sun frame map to our very charming new friend Evelyn.  She politely went on her way with her husband.  I must confess it felt wonderful to have such amazingly interested visitors.  I was disappointed in realizing we'd likely never meet again as they were from New Jersey and we live some 500 miles away.

A few days after we returned home I was surprised to see an email from Evelyn asking for information about the map and process.  She planned to have it matted and framed as a gift for her husband because he liked it so much.I was blown away and quickly complied.  What an honor!  Not only did Evelyn have the piece matted and framed beautifully, but she included my documentation as well.  To top that off she had the kind heart to forward me a couple of photos of the final product which I am proud to display here.

Thank you so much for honoring us by presenting our work to your husband.  He's a very fortunate man and we are fortunate to have made your acquaintance.

Below are the photos Evelyn shared of her finished product- again, thank you for letting us be a part of this.


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