Training Day- Live Firing the Enfield P53

August 2013

Thanks to Cheryl Ball and Bill Chapman, in August we were able to visit the Alden Rod and Gun Club in Alden, NY.  We were able learn more about our rifle, and a few others as well.  Under the guidance of our instructor Bill Chapman, we were taught to properly and safely handle an Enfield rifle.




Here are some links to a few videos that were taken at the range.

Pvt. Parker learns to load and fire a pattern 53.

Pvt. Parker fires the very second rifle shot of his life

Pvt. Parker learns to fire the Enfield P53

First Sergeant Ball takes a crack at it.

Another of the 1SG

Pvt. Parker fires the AR-15

More Pvt. Parker and the AR-15

Pvt. Ray fires the AR-15

An AR in the hands of the 1SG is a scary thing

Cheryl had the first target hit of the day! 

Cheryl handles the AR-15 like its been hers all along.

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