Civil War Living History and Re-enacting events such as these are why we do this hobby.  The following are photos of 

Company A. US Engineer Battalion at Burchfield Nature Preserve in West Seneca for the Civil War Picnic

Here are some inks of us as we speak to some of the event visitors as well.



Here we are explaining some of the changes in warfare in the Civil War.


The basics of the bayonet are demonstrated for the visitors.


This is a brief background in the use of the 1853 Enfield rifled musket.

This is a brief explanation of the uniform construction of the Federal Army.

This is a short explanation of the uniform pants, color and striping.

The basics of a union uniform are explained for the youngsters.


Some of the finest musicians in reenacting are the members of the Union Volunteers Fife and Drum Corps.  Here is a short sample of their talent.

  Here are a few words about how soldiers were sometimes recruited.




This Corps of Engineers castle is with us wherever we go.



Pvt.Ray Ball is instructing some of the spectators regarding items typically found on the company desk.  The table was a project the company completed last winter.  We were tired of propping the desk up on a barrel.


In these chests are some of our tools.  Mostly the carpentry tools and other fine tools.  The chest on the left is vintage.  The one on the right is a company project from earlier this summer.


Pvt. Ray displayed some of his traps for the spectators here.  He's always willing to have a brave youngster or two try things on for size.


As usual, Pvt. Ray Ball pulled out some instrument to entertain the public and the troops.  On this day it was his favorite- his vintage banjo.


This tool bench was our summer project.  Its a good thing it disassembles or we'd never be able to move it.


Some of our larger tools- all vintage and refinished to appear as they might have in the 19thcentury.  The edges that the old steel will take are amazing.


Our vintage tool chest to the left here was getting too heavy to move when it was packed with tools so we built this one in the spring.  The brace, bits and augers in the box to the rear are vintage and still cut like new.  The ropes are mostly for our lifting 'gin as well as general purposes around the camp.

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