This Civil War living history event was our first "candlelight tour" and it was a blast.  These photos are from our time with the 1st NYVE participating in the candlelight tours at Genesee Country Village.


Fortunately we were indoors during this rainy May night in 2011.  GCV was extremely accommodating, as always.  This is Sgt. Ball presenting to one of several groups of interested patrons.


The transit and tripod in the background are vintage and the field desk was this spring's project.


Here Corporal Ball entertains us with a tune on the guitar.  He can be found playing for several units entertaining on the guitar, bugle, trumpet and banjo.


This Chevalle-de-frise was built as last summer's project.  Its already taken some damage.  Sgt. Ball and Pvt. Ryan Griffith of the 1st NYVE took some time late in the evening for this photo.

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