These are some of the Civil War era tools of the Engineer Depot owned and maintained by

Company A  US Engineer Battalion.

Our depot is constantly growing. I know I've committed the ultimate in "sins" when dealing with vintage items.  I've cleaned them up!  While this probably does have an effect on their resale value, I believe the public should see what the tools looked like while they were still relatively new.  I've "Japanned" the large tools and sharpened and cleaned most of the smaller hand tools.  We USE the tools as much as possible so they need an edge and a cleaning from time to time.


We are always on the lookout for more tools and we add to our depot from time to time so stop back and see what we'll be bringing to our next events.


Just finished construction of this sketching table.  Its based on the design of one owned by our own Chris Wills but I added a few period touches.

***Added 2-14-13

The tool you see above is wagon wheel odometer of the type used in the Civil War.  While it is identical to a Civil War period piece, this one is dated to approximately 1916.  Its a great invention that uses wagon wheel rotation and simple calculation to compute distance.


To the right is the latest addition to our tools.  Its a period sextant.  Both are the recent acquisitions of our resident Topographer,  Lt. Chris Wills.

**Added 2-15-13, edited 12-09-14

**Added 2-15-13

We just built this sun frame to use in copying maps period style.

**Added 1-24-13 


Click on the images above to see images of the maps produced using our sun frame.  The black and white image is our original hand done inked image.  The blue print is made using the sun frame.  The last image is a close up showing the detail that can be achieved.  The image of Round Top is smaller than a dime on the original.

**Added 1-27-13

This wye level is one of our newest acquisitions.  Its a fully functional piece.

Our first transit, plumb bob and case.

This is a period, pocket sized aneroid barometer and case.  Its fully functional and perfect for use in patrols and reconnaissance.

This is our full sized, five inch face period barometer.  Not as portable as our other one but completely functional. 

We were very pleased to acquire this period surveyor's compass along with its case.  We had to build a tripod for it but that was just an added benefit.

This is one of our period drafting sets complete with locking case.

From top to bottom and left to right- pen and ink for maps, Brunton compass, another drafting set, folding ruler, two sets of proportional dividers, a standard compass, straight edge, pencil and sharpening sander.

From top to bottom and left to right- carpenters hammer, tack hammer, ball pein hammers, screw drivers, nail set, tri-square, four rasps and eight files.

Top to bottom and left to right again- wood mallet, leather sewing awl, a caltrop, sharpening stone, tins of rivets and riveting tools, an iron loop to connect cheveaux de frise, a small bow saw and a crochet loop to secure an abatis.

From the left we have two pair of calipers and four various sized dividers.

The key hole saws are top left.  Repro chisels to the top right.  Bottom left and heading across are a portable grinding wheel, inclinometer, folding rule, depth gauge and at the bottom a period level.

This is a reproduction of a map magnifier that I've found more and more handy.


The period braces and bits pictured here still cut like new.

On the left side of this photo is our collection of spoke shaves.  To their right along the top are moulding planes.  Below them area bullnose plane, early steel plane and three wooden box planes.

On the left we have two of our hatchets, followed by a series of wood mallets, period adjustable wrenches, a very early cooper's plane and a series of smithing hammers.

We carry a variety of rope sizes some of which are pictured here along with some of our blocks.  To the lower right we have our vise and anvil.  The rope is new but the other pieces are period tools.

Pictured here is our Gunther's chain and our dumpy level.  Its a half chain (33ft.) but we're on the lookout for an Engineer's chain and a full Gunther's chain.

This our portable tool bench for use with the anvil and the vise.

Some of our larger tools are shown above.  From left to right they are- our adz, brush hook, 'D' handle shovel in its carrier, Michigan axe in its carrier, double blade axe, 18 pound sledge and pick mattock.

These are a few more tools that weren't shown in the photo to the left.  The bow saw is far left followed to the right by the brush hook, adz, pick mattock, small pick, 'D' handle shovel, double bladed axe, two man saw and sledge.  Above them is the one man lumber saw.


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