Our Annual Trip to Gettysburg

Company A of the Civil War US Engineers are far more than reenactors- we are living historians and teachers.  We, as living historians we pride ourselves on our teaching of history to others, especially the youth of today.  Whether its at a local living history event or traveling to a famous battlefield we want to be there.

For the past two summers we have undertaken a road trip to Gettysburg.  With Ray and I acting as guides, we spend three days touring the battlefield with students from East Elementary School in West Seneca.  This year (2011) we were honored to take 83 people along on a three day tour of the battlefield and vicinity.
There are several photos on this page so you may need to be patient as it loads.

Here we are at Reynolds Monument on McPherson's Ridge.  Note the dress uniform.  We just came from dinner.

This shot is us touring East Cemetery Hill.

Near O.O. Howard's monument on East Cemetery Hill.

This is the area near the Triangular Field.

Ray, now a Lieutenant, explains some of "Pickett's Charge".

Near the "Angle" with some of our tour group.

The Engineer Battalion Monument at Gettysburg.

On the crest of Little Round Top.

Directing the line near the 20th Maine Monument.

Below are some random shots taken during the visit.  They are the property of Dennis Luthart and should only be used with his permission.


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