Hamlin Beach Reenactment

August 2012

By far one of the most enjoyable events we went to this year was the Hamlin Beach Event.  Its an outstanding location for a reenactment and its well run and organized too.


Always proud of the unit, we display our signage and colors everywhere we go.


Look at that lake in the background.  This is the best campsite I've been to thus far.


As always our tools were out and maps were being prepared


Tools are at the ready.


Dress uniforms were ready for Saturday's dance.


During the battle, the outnumbered 28th NY and 9th NY were supported by the US regulars, Engineers, Signal Corps and Reynolds Battery.


Troops hunkered down behind the hasty breastworks built by infantry troops under the direction of the Engineers.


Crisp volleys responded to the rebel advances.



The Engineers use the telescope to map and to report troop movements to the Federal commanders.


Privates Tripp and Parker sight the scope on the rebel artillery.




Captain Williams of the Signal Corps is conversing with 1Sgt Ball just prior to battle breaking out.



The rebel lines advanced with tremendous artillery support.


Tight drill movements and volleys marked the Confederate advance.


Massed volleys of the rebel artillery exploded in unison.


10 Guns at a time erupted in thunderous volleys that shook the ground.


Post battle activities.


Captain Taylor reviews the troops after the action.

Tramping back to camp.



Pvt. Young took on the commissary duties.




The "Old Company" never ate so well.


Pvt. Tripp receives the first company promotion.  Here is is receiving his Artificer's emblems and orders from 1Sgt Ball, acting Commander of the company.


Our most recent company photos.